Random stuff

I've decided to create an area for random writings. It's not deliberately linked to anywhere, but I wonder how many hits it will get. There's a lot to be said for Apache's directory listings (and for exporting your entire home directory as a web page).

The first article is about what prompted me to create this: web server statistics for the Department of Computing, Imperial College.

The test card vs photo.net

Could this be the ancestor of all '*BSD is dying' posts on Slashdot?

Or it could mean that BSD has a much smaller user base. Being generous, let's call it 50%. However, note that many of the programs for BSD are just ports from Linux (unlike the kernel, which has much the other way around). So maybe BSD has 10% of the programs originating from it. Therefore, we would expect maybe 1 BSD program there.

Programs included on the CD with O'Reilly's Unix Power Tools book

Possibly a suitable login-screen logo for a dual-boot Linux/Windows machine: . Bob Dornberger sent me this one: . But I really want some kind of 'confrontation'.

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