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This page is an archive site for Happy Campus, a school newspaper that I (Ed Avis) and my 'co-editor' (Tom Hardwick) published for three years at school. By popular demand, I have dug out the old issues on disk, or scanned them in where that isn't possible, and put them on this site.

Technical notes

The files are downloadable in PDF format. Many desktop computers these days have PDF-reading software installed; if yours doesn't, you can use GSView or Acroread on Windows; equivalents are available for other platforms. Ask me if you need help viewing or printing the documents.

When downloading a file (to view it, or to save it to disk), you may find that there's a long delay before any data starts being sent. This is because the PDF file is being generated just for you. Wait a little while and your PDF will start downloading; when it has finished you'll be able to view or save it.

Where possible, I have generated PDFs directly from the original files on disk. This gives the best viewing and print quality. But in some cases the disk copy was lost and I've had to scan in from paper instead; these pages don't look as good on screen but they should be okay when printed out.

Happy Campus and the Pre Times were produced on RISC OS using Acorn DTP, !Draw, Impression Junior and Impression Publisher (varying from one issue to the next). If you'd like the original files, ask me; they're not particularly useful though.

Happy Campus prehistory: the Pre Times

My coeditor Tom Hardwick and I published a school newspaper during our last term at the Pre. My original intention was to run a real newspaper with real news, and the first issue was just a 'trial' where we made up rubbish to show what it could look like. But this worked so well that we gave up on real news altogether.

I originally decided to start a newspaper on the basis of a rather weak joke that occurred to me before the start of term: the actress Glenda Jackson had won a seat in Parliament, and this happened to be the name of one of the catering staff. Another motivation was rivalry with the official school newspaper, the Pretext, which launched around the same time.

The Pre Times was quite a success - it was 'banned' from the school - but as it was our final term, we had time for only two issues. These were:

Published issues of HC

This should be all the issues which were published. We've also included the uncensored version (where applicable), and any other junk that was intended for an issue but didn't make it in the end.

Miscellaneous unpublished junk

We really did have something of a fixation with the Fat Controller (in charge of school catering) in our early years; or rather, with the image we created in Happy Campus of him. For some reason he was just inherently amusing. Another thing computer-literate pupils spend some time doing is creating fake ID cards (whether anyone accepts them is a different story). Now for the first time, these two aspects of school life are combined in the The Fat Controller (TFC) ID card.

Other miscellany: Mrs Crump's Cheap Feast, more of Mme Zaza's horoscopes, and Paradox of a Dung, a parody of a notorious Chapel reading.


Unless otherwise stated (and unless I've forgotten), everything was written by Ed Avis and Tom Hardwick. Thanks to the then bursar and printing-press guy for their support, and to all our readers who provided encouragement and suggestions. Also thanks to Computer Concepts for providing a copy of Impression Publisher.

Edward Avis
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