Written some poky little script which you want to package and distribute, but you can't be bothered to write a makefile or a configure script for it? Help is at hand with guess_install. This is a small Perl script which looks at the files in the current directory, and automatically installs them in the correct locations (bin/, share/man/, and share/doc/). You can distribute it as a file called 'install' together with your script and a README or two, and tell the user to type './install --prefix=whatever'.

The first package to make use of this is... guess_install itself! Talk about tools to make tools.


The latest version is 1.1. This guesses the name of the package from the first line of the README, and installs docs in share/doc.

Author and copying

Please contact me, Ed Avis <ed@membled.com> with any bug reports or suggestions for new 'artificial intelligence' to add to guess_install.

All the files are in the public domain. This means there are no copyright restrictions, you may do what you wish with them. Of course, giving credit would be appreciated (but not required).

They are offered as-is with no warranty whatsoever.

Edward Avis
Last modified: Thu Oct 23 15:23:11 BST 2008