Amount - mount things automatically for one command line


Amount is an alternative to typing mount/umount commands or using the automounter. It mounts all the partitions mentioned in a command line, runs the command, and then unmounts them again. It knows about shell wildcards.


Just stick 'amount' on the front of your command line, for example:
amount ls /mnt/floppy/*.txt
If the shell can't glob the *.txt then amount will try again after /mnt/floppy has been mounted.


The latest version is 0.1.4, which copes with comments in the fstab and mtab files.


./install --prefix=/usr/local
or whatever directory you want.


All the files are in the public domain. This means there are no copyright restrictions, you may do what you wish with them. Of course, giving credit would be appreciated (but not required).

They are offered as-is with no warranty whatsoever.


Please contact me, Ed Avis <> with any suggestions or bug reports.

This program has a web page at

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